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Parenting After Separation Seminar

What is the Parenting After Separation Seminar (PAS) About? This Parenting after Separation seminar is one of many free seminars and services offered by Family Justice Services, a division of the Department of Justice Canada, and in coordination with the Alberta Courts.  The purpose of this seminar is to give parents who are separated or [...]

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Tips When Traveling with an I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility

Tuck your waiver in your passport for safekeeping when traveling through the United States Congratulations! You successfully applied for and received an I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility.  But now what? Ensure your travel plans go smoothly with these simple tips: BEFORE TRAVEL If you have not already done so [...]

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I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility Fee Increase

Final Ruling on I-192 Waiver Fee Increase Coutts Border Crossing - Will US I-192 Waiver fee increase affect border applications? The application fee for I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility is increasing from $585.00 USD to $930.00 USD. This site shows the fee is increasing December 23, 2016.  But, does this fee apply to everyone?  [...]

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Top 7 Reasons You May be Denied Entry to the United States

Top 7 Reasons You May be Denied Entry to the United States Grounds for Inadmissibility The ability to travel to the United States is not an automatic right—not even for Canadians!  You may be denied entry to the United States for one of the following reasons: Criminal Inadmissibility – You have a criminal record that [...]

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Will I Be Denied Entry to USA if I Admit Drug Use?

Should I Admit Drug Use? Admit Drug Use - Permanent Ban Is it better to admit drug use to the United States Border Patrol? If you admit to drug use at a USA port of entry, you may be denied entry. Why?  The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) treat the admission [...]

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