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Legal Name Change Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does fingerprinting work for a Legal Name Change? Answer: The fingerprinting agency takes the Applicant’s fingerprints electronically and submits them to the RCMP instantly using secure online transmission. The RCMP processes the fingerprints and then mails the results directly to the Applicant by ordinary mail.  The RCMP will not courier the results to the [...]

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Unclassified fingerprints

How do I get a police clearance if my fingerprints are unclassified?  There are many reasons why your fingerprints may be of poor quality or unclassified.  They include: PHYSICAL REASONS: You have lots of wrinkles;Your fingerprint ridges are worn due to the type of work that you do;Your fingerprints are illegible due to medical condition;Your [...]

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How to reduce the risk your fingerprints will be rejected

Good Fingerprints Let’s begin by illustrating what a GOOD FINGERPRINT looks like.  It is important that the center of the loop (circles) and the deltas (triangles) are legible. Bad Fingerprints Look below for fingerprints that would be rejected (unsuitable for conducting a criminal record background check).   Reasons, why fingerprints are rejected, include: Pressed too lightly.  [...]

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Vulnerable sector checks in Calgary

Elderly, Children, Disabled, and People seeking medical care are Vulnerable People. Vulnerable Sector checks are a method of screening potential employees or volunteers for both criminals AND pardoned sex offence convictions. This background check goes through both local and Federal files, as well as the sex offenders database. This is a common screening for [...]

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