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Back in Feb of this year I inquired of the staff at Canadian Legal Resource Center to see what my chances would be to cross the border and to enter into the USA. My anticipation was that the answer would be next to nil because of my case being federal, very involved, and had serious circumstances connected to it. Ella encouraged me though to apply and I thought that in the end I would have wasted my time and money along the way. The process got started and I submitted the paperwork prepared by Ella at the end of Feb. I then took the prepared forms and gave them to the US customs border staff at the Calgary airport and was told to expect an answer in 6 months. Fast forward 5 1/2 months later to the beginning of Aug. I did receive an official letter from US Customs. Opening it while at the same time somewhat holding my breath it declared that my accessibility into the USA was granted at all ports of entry….this was a good and bright moment and day for me! My “hats off” and appreciation to Ella and the staff at Canadian Legal Resource Center for working their magic and delivering excellent results. These people are for sure friendly, courteous, easy to work with, and are professionals at what they set out to do and deliver. No need to go any where else folks for your border crossing needs just go see them at the Canadian Legal Resource Center sit back, and expect results!! (James)