Where do I go for Fingerprinting in Calgary?

Open Monday to Saturday, we are Calgary’s longest running RCMP Accredited and Certified fingerprint agency (since 1995). We have processed thousands of fingerprints. Click here to see our RCMP Accreditation Letter.

Our accreditation is renewed every 5 years. We have been accredited since 2009 under the current process. Prior to 2009, we were authorized by the RCMP K Division to provide fingerprint services. The owner of the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. has been fingerprinting since 1987.

NOTE: Effective May 1, 2010, the Calgary Police Service no longer provides fingerprinting services to the public for civil matters such as immigration, employment, licensing, name changes, international adoptions, Record Suspensions (Pardons) or United States Waivers. You must attend a private authorized agency for non-criminal fingerprinting services in Calgary.


Book Your Appointment Online

You can book your fingerprint or name check appointment in Calgary:

  • Online (click the blue box to right); or
  • Call 403-229-2774.

To book an appointment for other services, please call 403-229-2774 (Calgary) or 1-800-320-2477 (Toll-Free).

What to Expect

When you book an appointment, we will send you confirmation by text to the cell phone and/or email provided by you. For fingerprint clients, please check your confirmation for answers to commonly asked questions such as

  • fees;
  • processing times;
  • required identification; and
  • documentation that you must bring to your appointment.

How Long is the Appointment?

  • Your first set of fingerprints takes around 15 minutes.
  • Add approximately 10 minutes for each extra set.

How Long To Get The Results?

Hours of Operation


  • 8 am to 6 pm – Monday through Thursday
  • 8 am to 5 pm – Friday
  • 8 am to 4 pm – Saturday


  • 8 am to 4:30 pm – Monday to Friday

Do You Have Parking?

Methods of Payment

  • We accept Visa / MasterCard / Amex / Debit / Cash.

Identification (ID) Required

You are required to bring to the appointment (a) 2 Photographic ID or (b) 1 Photographic ID and 1 Government ID. The identification must not be expired (a Permanent Resident Card is the only ID with an expired date that is acceptable).

  • Photographic ID: Canadian Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card (ONLY identification with an expired date that is acceptable), Firearms License, Passport, Provincial Drivers’ License, Provincial Identification Card, Refugee Protection Claimant Document (Certified), Military Identification Card, Nexus Card, Treaty Status Card and Canadian National Institute of Blind (CNIB) ID Card.

    All identification must be VALID (non-expired). Provincial Health Card and Social Insurance Number (SIN) are not acceptable pieces of identification.

  • For Minors ages 12 to 15 who do not have any of the above photographic ID, Student Photo ID plus health card is acceptable. Government ID (no photo): Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Firearms License, Hunting License, Fishing License, Immigration Papers (ie. Work Permit, Student Permit, Landing Papers), Nexus Card.

  • Digital Fingerprinting Requests for Canadian Citizenship: Letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada requesting you to be fingerprinted.

  • Other Documentation (if applicable): Letter from requesting party.

Fees and Disbursements (GST extra)

  • Name Check: $50
  • Ink & Roll: $50 1st set, $30 each additional set (per person only)
  • Digital Fingerprinting: $55 + $25 RCMP fee (if applicable, see below)
  • Ink to Digital Conversion: $90 + $25 RCMP fee (if applicable, see below)
  • Unclassified Fingerprint Services: $125 +$25 RCMP fee (if applicable, see below)
  • Plus GST on all fees and disbursements

The following DIGITAL searches do NOT have an RCMP fee.

  • Citizenship Immigration Canada: Temporary Visas, Permanent Residency, Citizenship
  • Employment (Federal)
  • Employment (Police)
  • Privacy Requests (ie. for Pardoned, Non-Certified or All Holdings Criminal Record Search)
  • Volunteering in Canada
Ink Fingerprinting
Ink & Roll Fingerprinting

For criminal record searches and police clearances in Canada

Obtain ink and roll fingerprints in Canada when there is NO electronic fingerprinting agency near. Send your ink fingerprints to our office for digitization as the RCMP will no longer accept ink fingerprints for processing.

For criminal record searches and police clearances outside Canada:

You will need ink and roll fingerprints for processing in other countries.

Digital Fingerprinting in Calgary
Electronic Fingerprinting

For criminal record searches and police clearances in Canada:

Obtain electronic fingerprints when you need a search from the RCMP in Canada. Fastest and most reliable results produced with this type of search. Also referred to as digital fingerprinting.

Scanner depicting Ink to Digital
Ink & Roll Digitization

The RCMP will only accept digital fingerprints for processing in Canada.

You can get ink fingerprints anywhere in the world. Using our technology we scan ink fingerprints into our system for digital submission to the RCMP. For more information check out INK DIGITIZATION.

48 Hour Name Check
48 Hour Name Check

We also provide 48 Hour Background Checks based upon a search of your name and date of birth. This type of search is not verified by fingerprints. A name check is only accepted in limited situations. If you have a criminal record, don’t get a Name Check. You will need to be digitally fingerprinted. Check out Name Checks.

48 Hour Name Check
Unclassified Fingerprints, Deformed Fingers &
Fingerprinting for Disabled Persons

Having a hard time getting a background check in Canada because your fingerprints are unclassified? There is a special process that you must follow in this particular case. Are your fingers deformed? Due to physical limitations, is it hard to be in a position to be fingerprinted in the usual way? We can help with this too. We have tools that help us fingerprint deformed fingers or disabled persons who have limited mobility.

Reasons Why individuals Need to be Fingerprinted

Citizenship Immigration Canada

  • Temporary Study, Visitor and Work Visas
  • Permanent Residency (Landed Immigrant Status)
  • Humanitarian / Refugee Applications
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Sponsorship

Criminal Records & Immigration Violations

  • Canadian Pardon
  • Record Suspension
  • US Waiver of Inadmissibility
  • US Visa Waiver
  • Overcoming Removal or Deportation from the U.S.

Other Types of Applications

  • Admission into Educational Programs
  • Adoption
  • Bonding
  • Employment – Private Industry
  • Employment – Government
  • Foreign Employment & Immigration
  • Canpass
  • Legal Name Change
  • Licensing
  • Nexus
  • Renting a House
  • Volunteering

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Us?

Experience and Service

  • We are one of the longest-running fingerprint agencies in Canada (founded by Deborah L. Ward since 1995).
  • You get a live voice when you call during office hours.
  • Our three most senior staff members have 35+ years employment with Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. and have assisted over 20,000 clients.
  • Check out our staff biographies.
  • We also operate as Pardon Depot and Calgary Fingerprinting Services.

Social Media Reviews

Our clients love us! Check our reviews out here. Also, the owner is a former Immigration Consultant and has a very good understanding of fingerprinting requirements for immigration purposes.

RCMP Accredited and Certified Agency

  • We are a trusted fingerprinting and paralegal agency.
  • All of our staff have security clearances from the Canadian Government as part of our RCMP Accreditation

CCA Awards

  • For each of the past 14 years, we have won the Consumer Choice Awards for Business Excellence in the category of Paralegal Services in southern Alberta.
  • Thank you for selecting us as your #1 Paralegal Company!
  • Check out our profile on the Consumer Choice Awards website: CCA

Better Business Bureau

  • We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since June 2000.
  • Check out our A+ rating at BBB.