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How can we help you?

Meeting to draft a legal separation agreement

Working together minimizes the costs associated with drafting a legal separation agreement.

We draft legal separation agreements for couples who are, for the most part, in agreement. We are not lawyers, we do not give legal advice, nor do we mediate complex issues. Our goal is to help you:

  • obtain a low-cost, friendly, legal separation agreement;
  • reduce the burden of usual legal practices that are adversarial, complicated and costly; and
  • still provide you with the benefit of receiving legal advice from your lawyer.
General Procedures on How to Obtain a Legal Separation Agreement

If you hire us to assist you with a legal separation agreement here are the general procedures we typically follow (which can be adjusted to fit your specific situation):

  • We interview you by telephone. You advise as to what you and your spouse have generally agreed to regarding all matters concerning property, assets, debts, children (custody, access and support) and spousal support.
  • We book an appointment with you (and hopefully your spouse). Most initial appointments last 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • We will email you a list of what documentation to bring to the appointment.
  • We create the first draft of your legal separation agreement before you and your spouse arrive at the first appointment.
  • During the first appointment we go through the agreement from beginning to end and edit it.
  • You leave the meeting with a fully drafted and edited legal separation agreement.
  • We always recommend that you review it again once you get it home to ensure nothing was missed during the appointment.
  • You advise as to further changes, if any.
  • We then arrange for you and your spouse to review and sign the legal separation agreement with your lawyers (we have a list of lawyers we refer or you can find your own lawyer).
  • If upon the advice of your lawyers you wish to make further changes, we make them at no extra cost to you. However, it may mean an additional trip to your lawyer(s).
  • Lawyer fees are in addition to our drafting fees. The goal is to help the two of you minimize the back and forth between lawyers and minimize your legal fees.
  • If applicable, the land transfer(s) and a divorce application are coordinated at the same time.


Who Can Use Our Legal Separation Agreement Services?

We can help with your Legal Separation Agreement if:

  • The parties reside in Alberta or the parties were living in Alberta at the time of separation (and the property is predominately situated in Alberta);
  • The parties are cooperative and willing to work together in the drafting of a legal separation agreement;
  • There are no trust issues and the parties are willing to provide full disclosure;
  • The parties will be taking the legal separation agreement to their lawyers for review, advice and signing;
  • There are no complex issues; for example, those involving disclosure, trusts, exemptions, and business valuation.
Free Consultation 1-800-320-2477 (Calgary: 403-229-2774)

Our Qualifications to Help You

We have processed more than 5000 uncontested divorces and legal separation agreements. Every time we draft a legal separation agreement it is reviewed by two different lawyers. As we have drafted more than 1000 legal separation agreements, this means our work has been reviewed more than 2000 times by different lawyers. We’ve learned what lawyers like and don’t like and from time to time lawyers will provide new wording to different sections of the agreement which ensures that our templates remain current and that we have many templates to access paragraphs that relate to unique situations. Though we cannot give legal advice, we can share with you our substantial experience.

We can help you reduce the amount of time you spend with a lawyer by as much as 90%. In situations where you must consult with a lawyer, we ensure that you maximize the quality of your time and investment with your lawyer by helping you summarize the facts surrounding your situation for quick and easy review.

Fees and Disbursements

Uncontested Separation Agreement

  • No Children: $695 + gst (+ lawyer advice/signing fees)
  • With Children: $895 + gst (+ lawyer advice/signing fees)

NOTE:  if there is spousal support, add $100 to our fee.

Land Transfer

  • $195 + plus land title fees which vary, typically between $125 and $150, depending on value of property + gst

*Note: upon review of your case by way of telephone interview, if we determine the drafting of your agreement might take substantially more work than the average file, we will inform you in advance of booking your appointment that we will assess additional fees, usually ranging $100 to $200 (ie. You have a 10-page parenting plan that you want incorporated; you have 14 rental properties, all with mortgages, etc.).

Uncontested Divorces

To learn more about Uncontested Divorces select “Uncontested Divorces”.

Free Consultation

For your free consultation on Legal Separation Agreements, please call: 403-229-2774 (Calgary) or Toll Free: 1-800-320-2477


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