Obtain an Uncontested Divorce in Alberta

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  1. How to qualify for an uncontested divorce
  2. Advantages of hiring us to help you with your uncontested divorce
  3. Free consultation
  4. Our uncontested divorce service guarantee
  5. Hours of operation
  6. Uncontested divorce – special topics
  7. Legal separation agreements
  8. Fee schedule

How to Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce

We can help you with a low-cost Uncontested Divorce in Alberta if:

  • it is unlikely the Divorce will become contested;
  • you do not require or wish to seek legal advice (or have already received legal advice);
  • your file does not become technically complicated; and
  • you or your spouse meet the Alberta Divorce residency requirement, meaning either you or your spouse or both of you have lived in Alberta for 12 months immediately preceding the filing of a Statement of Claim for Divorce.

If your file does become contested, there is a lawyer onsite (but in a different company) that is available to help, if necessary.

Advantages of Hiring Us to Help You with Your Uncontested Divorce

  • Our rates are much lower than the rates charged by a lawyer.
  • We can assist both you and your spouse if you prefer (as we don’t give legal advice there is no conflict for both of you to work with us).
  • We prepare and file all of the documents (most online companies prepare forms for you, then expect you to do your own filing & serving).
  • We do not mark up our disbursements.
  • We do not charge extra for photocopying, phone calls, or mail (unless you want documents couriered).
  • We have a service guarantee.
  • We keep you updated and informed so that you know your file is being handled quickly and professionally.
  • Though we do NOT give legal advice, we may be able to assist with minor disputes and communication issues.

Why pay more for routine legal services? In addition, we have an A+ Reputation with the Better Business Bureau AND have won the Consumer Choice Awards for Business Excellence for each year from 2006 to 2019. Before hiring any paralegal company you really should check out their reviews. Our reviews can be found here: Google Reviews.

Free Consultation

For your free consultation, please call us. We’d be happy to discuss your situation and help you save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by using our services. We assist applicants throughout Alberta, as well as those residing outside of Alberta or Canada whose spouse resides in Alberta (and whose spouse has resided in Alberta for the past 12 or more months). You’ll find us extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and our customer service excellent. We don’t believe in telephone voice mail–you’ll always get a live voice when you call during office hours. Please click the button below for our contact information.

Our Uncontested Divorce Service Guarantee

We guarantee that as long as your divorce remains uncontested, we will get you your divorce, or your money back no questions asked. As a result of combined 30+ years divorce experience, for so long as the divorce remains uncontested, our divorce team can handle all documentation with great confidence. We pride ourselves in having a BELOW AVERAGE rejection rate, meaning our documentation is rarely rejected due to errors in the documents.

Hours of Operation

Please call any time during office hours for your free consultation. In-office meetings are by appointment. We are open:

  • Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Occasional evenings

Uncontested Divorce – Special Topics

For special interest topics, please visit the link: Uncontested Divorce – Special Topics. You will find topics such as:

  • What happens if I cannot personally serve my spouse?
  • What if I am afraid to serve my spouse?
  • Can I file under ‘irreconcilable differences’?
  • When can I file for a divorce?
  • What is the date of separation?
  • Do I need proof of service?
  • What are the steps involved in getting an Uncontested Divorce?
  • What are the processing times?
  • Can I get an emergency divorce?
  • Books: for Children of Divorce
  • Video: Save Your Marriage
  • Sample Travel Authorization for Children Travelling Abroad
  • What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Legal Separation Agreement

If there are property issues, your property is predominately located in Alberta and you require a Legal Separation Agreement, or would like to learn more about Legal Separation Agreements, please click the link below:

GO TO: Separation Agreements

Fee Schedule (effective March 20, 2014)

Uncontested Divorce (Alberta only)

  • No Children: $895 our fee + disbursements + GST
  • With Children: $1,095 our fee + disbursements + GST

Usual Disbursements, where applicable:

  • Marriage Certificate: $15 to $40 (if you do not have one for a marriage within Canada)
  • Personal Service: $0 to $150+ (if your spouse will not attend our office for service and you do not have a friend or relative that will assist, cost depends upon level of cooperation from your spouse and address of your spouse)
  • Court of King’s Bench Filing Fee (GST exempt): $260 (plus fax filing fees of $10 to $25)

Additional Fees (plus GST) for Rush Divorce:

  • Waiver of the 31 day Appeal Period: $225

Additional Fees (plus GST) for Variation:

  • Variation with consent: $795 + disb (you and your spouse want to vary an existing Divorce Judgment)
  • Variation without consent: please contact a lawyer

Additional Fees (plus GST) for Special Circumstances:

  • Spouse Support: $300+GST
  • Substitutional Service or Service Ex-Juris: $325 + disbursements (such as courier costs, process serving, or advertising) if your spouse can not be served personally within Canada
  • Order Dispensing With Service: $325 (when it is impossible or dangerous to serve your spouse)
  • The Defendant’s consent (or his/her lawyer’s consent) is required on the Divorce Judgment (i.e. they file a Demand of Notice): $125
  • Grounds for Divorce are Mental Cruelty, Physical Cruelty, or Adultery: $75
  • Pension Order consented to by both parties: $625
  • Alberta Discontinuance ($75-only consent of client is required, $125-consent of spouse is required and spouse prepared to cooperate) + disb (such as Commissioning if you or your spouse are not able to attend our office to sign)
  • Out of Province Discontinuance ($125-only consent of client is required, $150-consent of spouse is required and spouse prepared to cooperate) + disb (such as Notarization)
  • Notice to Disclose/Notice of Motion (your spouse refuses to disclose financial information): please consult a lawyer.
  • Rejections due to procedural error (such as typing error or situation where Judge seeks clarification that does not require amendments): No Charge
  • Rejections due other reason (such as when the Judge refuses to grant a request to deviate from the child support guidelines): $125 to $350 depending on whether we have to amend and reserve or the Defendant agrees to consent to amendments, provided the parties can reach an agreement.

Simple Steps to Getting a Legal Separation Agreement in Alberta (including free workbook)