Paralegal Staff in CCA Award Winning Company 19 Years in a row

Our amazing paralegal team has an extensive amount of (over 50+ years combined) experience and has processed tens of thousands of legal applications for our clients

Debbie Ward

Deborah L. Ward, Owner

Deborah L. Ward, the Owner/Manager of the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc., has worked in the paralegal industry since 1987 assisting over 10,000 clients with Canadian Pardons (now called Record Suspensions), United States Waiver of Inadmissibility applications, Uncontested Divorces, Legal Separation Agreements, and Fingerprinting.

She has a degree in business (B.Comm.), two paralegal diplomas, an Immigration Practitioner Diploma, and continues to take continuing education courses in a variety of areas including family law and mediation. Debbie is also a Commissioner for Oaths as well as an Accredited and Certified RCMP Fingerprint Agent.

As evidence of her commitment to excellence, the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. has won the Consumers Choice Awards 14 years in a row (2006 to 2019), has an A+ Reputation with the Better Business Bureau, and is one of the largest paralegal companies in Canada.

On a personal level, Debbie has competed in Powerlifting (she broke a world record and all of the Canadian Records for her weight class) and has won two bodybuilding competitions. Debbie is a drug-free athlete. Her past hobbies include singing in a choir (14 years), participating as a member of Toastmasters International (7 years), and volunteering with Special Olympics (Assistant Powerlifting Coach).

Susan Ward Portrait

Susan Ward, Divorce & Fingerprinting Paralegal

Susan has worked in the paralegal industry at the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. since January 2009. She works primarily in the divorce & fingerprinting area. She also provides support to the Pardons & Waivers department. Previously, she worked in retail and continues to provide support to her husband on a part-time basis in residential renovations. The greatest asset she brings to the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. is her consistent & focused dedication to getting the job done as quickly as possible while maintaining high-quality standards and excellent rapport with clients.

Susan has completed a paralegal course in divorces and two courses towards a mediation certificate program. She is a Commissioner for Oaths and Accredited and Certified Fingerprint Agent.

Sue is the proud mother of 2 sons and ‘gramma’ of 5 boys and 3 girls. She shares the same last name as Deborah Ward, President, and Owner of CLRC because she is married to Deborah’s very lucky brother and has been a part of Deborah’s family since 1989. In her spare time, Susan enjoys the hot sun, reading novels, spending time with her grandchildren and camping (while her husband cooks on the barbeque).

Ella Ponticano

Ella Ponciano, BA., Paralegal

Ella has been with the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. since October 1, 2013. She works in the Pardons/Waiver department and also assists with fingerprinting.

Ella has recently graduated with Honours from the Professional Legal Assistant program. Previously, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Law and Society and a minor in Chinese. As well, she is able to speak and write in Tagalog and Mandarin and has won the Chinese Speech Contest in her final year at the University of Calgary. Ella has worked for almost 12 years in customer service and understands the need for efficient and friendly service. Having worked with people from various backgrounds, she is adept at being a team player.

Ella is passionate about volunteering. She has worked with both local and international organizations such as the Elizabeth Fry Society, Pinoy Without Borders, and World Vision. She loves working with youths and is part of the Youth Ministry at her local church. When she’s not working or volunteering, Ella enjoys various extra-curricular activities. She loves reading novels and has a big collection of books. She is also an avid writer and film editor and has a blog where she writes and creates fan-made videos. Most of all, Ella loves traveling and tasting foods from different parts of the world and has enjoyed foods from China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Starting in September 2016, Ella is going from a full-time to a part-time position with the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc., so that she may pursue full-time Pastoral Studies (Master of Divinity).

Vini Rocha, Fingerprinting (Biometrics)

Vini is an RCMP Accredited and Certified Fingerprint Agent. He has been with us since April 2018. In addition to ink and digital fingerprinting, he also digitizes fingerprints from other countries for processing in Canada, completes 48-hour name checks and helps with social media marketing. He brings to the position 7-years experience in the hospitality and customer service industry. Coming from a hospitality background, Vini has many skills in the service industry. He is patient with all clients and ensures all appointments go as smoothly as possible.

Vini has a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and contributed to The Calgary Journal and Mount Royal’s independent newspaper The Reflector for a combined total of 2 years 9 months. Vini is proficient in both Portuguese and Spanish languages due to being born in Brazil and knows more French than he lets on. Of course, being raised most of his life in Calgary his English is pretty good too! He is also one of our youngest workers in the office! Outside work, Vini enjoys going to the gym and playing the occasional game of Pokémon.

Jocelyn Ward, Paralegal

Meet Jocelyn Ward, a dedicated divorce paralegal with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping clients navigating through challenging legal processes. Jocelyn graduated from the Legal Assistant Diploma Program at SAIT in 2002 and accumulated over 18 years of experience working with family lawyers before transitioning to her current role in January 2021.

Since joining Canadian Legal Resource Centre, Jocelyn has primarily focused on handling uncontested divorces, both with and without children involved. She is also actively involved in preparing separation agreements, demonstrating her commitment to expanding her skills and responsibilities within the company.

Jocelyn's approach to her work is characterized by patience, empathy, and a knack for listening to clients. Her extensive experience has made her adept at managing interactions with the court, as well as providing support and reassurance to clients during what can be a stressful time.

Collaboration is a key element in Jocelyn's work philosophy. She emphasizes the strong working relationship she has developed with Debbie, where they seamlessly check each other's work and collaborate effectively. Jocelyn's meticulous nature ensures that she stays organized and prioritizes tasks.

Beyond her professional life, Jocelyn's motivation stems from her genuine enjoyment of the job and her commitment to helping others. Outside of work, Jocelyn loves traveling and has explored Europe, the United States, and the Cayman Islands, with plans to visit Costa Rica next year. She shares her home with her husband Terrence, teenage son and two cats, and enjoys attending live events, particularly musicals. Jocelyn's passion for her career, combined with her commitment to personal growth and continuous learning, positions her as a valuable asset to the company as she looks forward to a long and fulfilling career.

Brianna Guenard, Reception

Meet Brianna Guenard, the welcoming face at Canadian Legal's Macleod Trail location. Joining in September 2015, Brianna has become an integral part of the team, starting as a part-timer, and evolving into a full-time role. As the receptionist, she excels at being the first point of contact for clients, managing emails, and recently adding fingerprinting to her skill set.

Brianna's keen eye for detail and dedication shine through as she handles various responsibilities, including reviewing digitization packages and assisting with files. Her proactive approach and commitment to teamwork are evident in her role as a substitute during lunch breaks and holidays.

Beyond her official duties, Brianna constantly seeks ways to enhance the client experience and improve processes. Her commitment to excellence reflects her genuine dedication to her work. Canadian Legal isn't just a job for Brianna; it's where she discovered her capabilities and found a significant place in her life.

Outside the office, Brianna leads a dual life, nurturing her love for reading and writing fantasy novels. She's even gearing up to publish her own novel online, showcasing her creativity beyond the corporate world. Whether at work or at home, Brianna approaches each moment deliberately, contributing to her continuous professional and personal growth.

Reflecting on her journey, Brianna emphasizes the value of learning at one's own pace and the sense of inclusion within the team. Her unique perspective and commitment to improvement make her an indispensable member of the Canadian Legal family.

Tracy Spike, Digital Marketing Associate

Tracy Spike is our dedicated Digital Marketing & Sales Associate who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. Tracy boasts an impressive 13-year background in private post-secondary education, where she excelled in attending to all students' needs and thrived as a mentor and manager of learning requirements.

Rejoining the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc after 25 years, Tracy stepped into her role in 2024 with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. As a certified Canadian Professional and Life Coach, she leverages her coaching skills to enhance team dynamics and foster personal and professional growth.

In her current position, Tracy is at the forefront of content creation and social media moderation, ensuring a compelling online presence for the company. She also plays a pivotal role in cultivating strong customer relationships and spearheading the development of a Learning Management System (LMS) for employee education.

Tracy's communication prowess is a standout attribute, and she brings this strength to her role, emphasizing the importance of effective and transparent communication. Her dedication to providing top-notch customer service and building lasting relationships through networking aligns seamlessly with the company's values.

Noteworthy is Tracy's achievement of a 50% reduction in attrition in her previous position, a testament to her ability to create safe and trusting bonds with people. She firmly believes in finding solutions to every problem and actively coaches others in discovering their personal answers.

In her personal life, Tracy values honesty, hard work, and dedication. Despite being perceived as outgoing, she enjoys quieter moments spent with her furbabies and family. Tracy indulges her creative side by writing lyrics and poems, immersing herself in reading, and actively investing in her personal growth. A self-proclaimed foodie, Tracy's passion extends beyond her career, as she aspires to contribute to the long-term success of the company and help build a dynamic workplace that everyone wants to be a part of.

Terrence Ward, IT Management

Terrence Ward, our dedicated IT Manager, discovered his passion for technology at the age of six when his aunt introduced him to programming on an Atari 600 XL. Terrence's computer skills became his pathway to employment—having assisted the Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. with most of their IT needs over the past 28 years.

Terrence has been responsible for web-development, hardware/software solutions, integration with phone systems, office automation, artwork/video production and troubleshooting.

While working full-time and raising two sons, Terrence pursued higher education, earning a scholarship and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems.

With the past eight years at our company being full-time, he has played a key role in implementing efficient processes and enhancing customer service. Terrence's innovative thinking is evident in accomplishments like developing certified fingerprinting software during the pandemic. Outside the office, Terrence is focused on a startup venture in artificial intelligence, balancing this with his current responsibilities. Known for his resilience, out-of-the-box problem-solving, and passion for coding, Terrence is a vital asset to our team. His relentless pursuit of solutions and excitement for his startup venture make him an invaluable member, embodying the philosophy that “Where there's a Ward, there's a way."