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Free Separation & Divorce Resources Simple Steps to Getting a Legal Separation Agreement in Alberta Learn simple steps to getting a Legal Separation Agreement the friendly and affordable way.  Go to the right of this blog and opt-in for your free guide now.  This free guide includes: tips and strategies
ADVERSARIAL LEGAL SERVICES VS. COLLABORATION It’s tough dealing with the end of a relationship, even if the decision to separate is mutual. It does not need to be aggravated by an adversarial system that increases conflict and financial strain. By design, the system is adversarial—two advocates represent the best interests
Are Trump Policies preventing U.S. Waiver Holders from entering to the United States? So far, we have not had any clients with U.S. Waivers of Inadmissibility call us because U.S. border guards are not permitting them to use their U.S. Waivers as a result of the Trump Travel Bans. Here
The top 4 reasons you may be denied entry to the USA are: #1.  You have a criminal record (or you admit to having committed a crime) that makes you inadmissible to the United States.  Common excludable offences include crimes of violence where harm was intended, drug offences and crimes of dishonesty. 
Parenting After Separation Seminar
What is the Parenting After Separation Seminar (PAS) About? This Parenting after Separation seminar is one of many free seminars and services offered by Family Justice Services, a division of the Department of Justice Canada, and in coordination with the Alberta Courts.  The purpose of this seminar is to give
Tips When Traveling with an I-192
Tuck your waiver in your passport for safekeeping when traveling through the United States Congratulations! You successfully applied for and received an I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility.  But now what? Ensure your travel plans go smoothly with these simple tips: BEFORE TRAVEL If you have not already done so AND you
Final Ruling on I-192 Waiver Fee Increase Coutts Border Crossing – Will US I-192 Waiver fee increase affect border applications? The application fee for I-192 Waiver of Inadmissibility is increasing from $585.00 USD to $930.00 USD. This site shows the fee is increasing December 23, 2016.  But, does this fee
Top 7 Reasons You May be Denied Entry to the United States Grounds for Inadmissibility The ability to travel to the United States is not an automatic right—not even for Canadians!  You may be denied entry to the United States for one of the following reasons: Criminal Inadmissibility – You
Should I Admit Drug Use? Admit Drug Use – Permanent Ban Is it better to admit drug use to the United States Border Patrol? If you admit to drug use at a USA port of entry, you may be denied entry. Why?  The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)
United States Waiver of Inadmissibility In addition to a Record Suspension, you may need to consider other applications such as a US Travel Waiver, Nexus Card or Purge Services. According to the Parole Board of Canada, a Canadian Pardon (now called Record Suspension) is not recognized outside Canada. Specifically, they
Must I Disclose my Suspended Criminal Record?
Must I Disclose my Suspended Criminal Record? Must I disclose my Pardon or Record Suspension? When it comes to employment applications, the best policy is to tell the truth. However, do not volunteer information if it is not absolutely required. The following is a general guide in navigating employment applications
Vulnerable Sector Search
Where Can I Get a Vulnerable Sector Search in Calgary, Alberta? Fingerprinting service has been privatized in Calgary.  That means for MOST cases, you must go to a private fingerprinting agency (like ours) for most of your fingerprint services. HOWEVER, you must go to the Calgary Police Service to get a vulnerable
Calgary Fingerprint
C-216C RCMP Fingerprint Processing Times How Long Will it Take For My Fingerprints to be Processed? STEP #1:  Ink Digitization or Digital Fingerprinting We digitize your ink fingerprints and submit them to the RCMP instantly within one working day of receiving them.  For applicants attending our office, we take your
Update on the Pardons Backlog According to the Government of Canada’s website ( As of November 30, 2016, there are no unassigned pardon files remaining in the pardons’ backlog, meaning, all files are at the investigation stage. The Parole Board of Canada remains on target for clearing the backlog of
Parliament, Ottawa
Could you imagine if the Canadian Pardon program was cancelled forever? It would be a travesty of justice. You can listen to this episode and download its mp3 from my podcast for free: Erase your CRIMINAL RECORD and its Devastating Effect on your Future. Criminal Record? The Parole Board of
Learn How Criminal Pleadings and Elections can Affect Your Record Suspension Eligibility This information is for you if: you are facing criminal charges in Canada; or you are representing someone who is facing criminal charges (ie. lawyer, paralegal for summary offenses, or duty counsel). you want to understand how pleadings
How to Understand the Criminal Offence Penalty Chart The following criminal offence penalty chart has been published with permission from Ron Jourard, criminal lawyer. Determining whether a particular offence has been prosecuted by summary conviction or indictment requires a review of the actual court documents as the Criminal Code of
What you Need to Know Before you Travel with a Criminal Record Visiting Canada with a Criminal Record Eliminate Obstacles Caused by Having a Criminal Record Do you want to visit Canada? You may be inadmissible if you have a criminal record. To gain legal entry into Canada, here are
What are the Five Types of Calgary Police Checks? What Type of Criminal Record Search do you Need? A Calgary Police Check is also known as a Criminal Record Check, RCMP Background Check, Name Check, Police Clearance, Background Check, Security Clearance or Backcheck or Vulnerable Sector Search.  In fact, there are
Crime in Canada – It’s Not What you Think! Crime in Canada The book, Crime in Canada, provides an overview of statistics which challenge our perceptions.    I have no doubt that the voting public, even victims of crime, would have a different view of tough on crime legislation if they