Book an Appointment

Please call our Calgary Office to book an appointment or to ask questions about any of the following:

  • 48 Hour Name Search
  • Electronic Fingerprints (also known as digital fingerprints)
  • Ink & Roll Fingerprints

Calgary: 403-229-2774 Toll-Free: 1-800-320-2477

Method of Payment

We accept Visa /MasterCard / Amex / Debit / Cash.

Hours of Operation

  • 8 am to 5 pm – Monday through Friday
  • 9 am to 4 pm – Saturday.
  • Occasional evening appointments are also available.

Walk-ins are always welcome. However, scheduled appointments are always served first. To secure a set time in our Calgary Office, please call 403-229-2774 ext 3 to book your appointment.

Identification Required

You are required to bring to the appointment (a) 2 Photographic ID, or (b) 1 Photographic ID and 1 Government ID.

  • Photographic ID: Provincial Drivers’ License or Identification Card, Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card (only ID with an expired date that is acceptable), Refugee Protection Claimant Document (Certified), Firearms Acquisition Certificate, Status Indian Card, Military Identification Card, Record of Landing, and Nexis Card.
  • Government ID (no photo): Alberta Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificate, Immigration Papers (includes VALID document issued by CIC with applicant information).
  • Other Identification/Documentation (if applicable): Letter from the requesting source.
  • Digital Fingerprinting Requests for Canadian Citizenship: Letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada requesting you to be fingerprinted.


  • Digital Fingerprinting: $50 (our fee) + $25 RCMP fee* (if applicable, see below) + GST
  • Name Check: $55 (our fee) + GST
  • Ink & Roll: $40 + GST ($10 off each additional set per client)
  • Ink to Digital Conversion: $90 (our fee) + $25 RCMP fee* (if applicable, see below) + GST

*The following searches do NOT have an RCMP fee:

  • Citizenship
  • Employment (Federal)
  • Employment (Police)
  • Landed Immigrant Status
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Privacy Requests (ie. for Pardoned Criminal Record)
  • Volunteer Employment

Vulnerable Sector Search

You must attend the Calgary Police Service if you need a Vulnerable Sector Seach. Do NOT schedule a Vulnerable Sector Search with a private fingerprinting company. Click here for information on how to get a Vulnerable Sector Search with the Calgary Police:

Vulnerable Sector Search Instructions