Canada Pardon is granted or denied by the National Parole BoardHow to Seal your Canadian Criminal Record with a Canada Pardon

Who grants a Canada Pardon?

We provide Canada Pardon Services at our National Pardon Centre located on Macleod Trail in Calgary, Alberta.  We assist individuals with: (a) the RCMP Criminal Record Search (Form C216-C); (b) ordering of Court Documents, Military Conduct Sheet and Requests for Local Police Checks; and (c) preparation and submission of the Pardon Application and supporting documents to the National Parole Board’s Pardon Unit. Ultimately, The National Parole Board (NPB) has the authority to grant, refuse or revoke a Canada Pardon pursuant to the Criminal Records Act (CRA).

Who needs a Canada Pardon?

It’s becoming common place for organizations to run routine criminal record checks.  Your criminal record can impact you in many ways. new employment opportunities, promotion, bonding, even on whether or not you can volunteer!  A Pardon seals your record and allows you to answer “No” truthfully when asked if you have a criminal record for which you’ve not received a Canadian Pardon”

Waiting times

Due to the 2015 crime bill waiting times for a Canada Pardon have changed.  Previously, the waiting periods were 3 years for summary convictions and 5 years for indictable.  Now, the waiting periods are 5 years for summary, and 10 years for indictable.  There are lengthy waiting times. Because waiting times do not start until all conditions of the conviction have been satisfied it is important you start a “partial Pardon” early.  We can help you order your RCMP criminal record as well as all court documents to ensure that all fines, victim surcharges, and restitution have been satisfied.

We have encountered previously clerical errors a the courts that have shown in error that fines had not been paid.  It is a good idea to start early since it will help identify early obstacles to getting your Pardon.

Crime Bill C-51 (2015)

Did you know that the Canada Pardon program was changed in 2015 by the Harper Government?  As a result, the name of the program has changed from “Canadian Pardon” to “Record Suspension”.

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