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Canada vs United States Crime Statistics

Published On: January 6, 2020
Canadians not welcome in the US

I wrote articles on the rise in the denials of USA Waivers for Canadians and possible USA Waiver fee increase from $585 (USD) to $1415 (USD). It would appear the USA is doing whatever they can to try and keep out Canadians. More specifically, they are trying to keep out ‘undesirables.’ But, are Canadians really ‘undesirable’?

THE USA Track Record is Poor

It is easy to understand why Trump and Homeland Security would want to do everything in their power to keep out whom they think are ‘undesirables’ when they look at the incarceration and re-offend rates of its citizens. It’s just-a-whole-lot-of-sad. They fail to consider Canada’s much lower rates.

Several studies give different statistics. But, it would appear that the USA incarcerates 6 times more citizens than Canada. The risk of re-offending also appears to be twice the rate in the USA than in Canada.

I once asked a border guard if they would ever bring back the permanent Waiver. He almost lost his mind at the mere suggestion! He said “I once worked for Federal Corrections and it is a revolving door. Once a criminal always a criminal”. Of course, he is correct if you are a USA citizen. Sad. Sad. Sad. They need not worry so much about Canadians!

Why are the statistics so bad for the United States? Reasons include:

  • USA State-run jails are for profit. They favor high incarceration and re-offend rates.
  • Pardons are rarely granted unless it is for a privileged person. Discrimination follows most offenders for life in the USA creating a greater risk that they will re-offend.

What’s worse? To reduce incarceration and administrative costs, thanks to Proposition 47 in California, petty theft is no longer a crime. Property crimes increased by 24%. Personal use of illegal drugs was also reduced to a misdemeanor. You can learn more about the disastrous effect in California here: https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/01/californias-proposition-47-crime-and-no-consequences/

Criminal justice is a disaster in the USA. Canada is much better, but I fear we are going down the same path with our own rise in homelessness and drug addictions. Regardless, Canadians are less likely to offend or re-offend. Travel to the USA should be less restrictive given Waivers are temporary in nature and cancelled or not renewed if the Applicant re-offends.

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