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Creating New Traditions with Children After Divorce

Published On: December 19, 2019

Create new traditions with children on the cheap.  Chances are finances are now tighter now. So, here are a few suggestions for you and your children.  Feel free to share some other traditions at the bottom of this blog.

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas

  • Google “Merry Christmas Coloring Page”. Encourage your children to create a card for Christmas for the other parent. 
  • First, its fun and cheap. Secondly, children generally identify with both parents.
  • When you encourage them to do something nice for the other parent it makes your children feel extra special.
  • It helps them to know both of their parents can still be kind to each other and that they can still feel safe even after the divorce.
  • You can also place a blank page on top of the coloring page. Your child can trace the picture before coloring it.


  • Google “snowflake cut-outs”. Print a few different templates. 
  • Have your children cut out snowflakes and tape them all over the house.
  • You can go with white or colored paper or tape a white snowflake on colored paper.
  • You can also find videos on Youtube of DIY paper cut outs of fancy snowflakes
  • Check out this link: https://www.firstpalette.com/printable/snowflake.html

Christmas Ornaments

  • Make Christmas ornaments and string popcorn for the tree.
  • Need ideas? Google “how to make Christmas ornaments”.

Christmas Music.

  • Play Christmas music throughout the house.
  • Sing Christmas songs with your children.
  • Have your children record a Christmas song and send the recording to family members.
  • If your children are with you on Christmas Day, perhaps they can call the other parent and sing a Christmas song.

Polar ExpressPolar Express

Have you seen the movie “The Polar Express” movie with Tom Hanks?  Did you know that you and your children can take a Polar Express Train ride?  Google Polar Express Calgary. There are a few companies that offer these excursions.  This, however, would not be a cheap adventure.

Special Dinner

  • If you don’t get your children for Christmas dinner, perhaps when you do have them, your tradition can be to take them for Chinese food during your time.

A few more ….Snowman Fridge Fun!

  1. Build a Fridge snowman.
  2. Go look at Christmas lights.
  3. Create snow angels outside.
  4. Go tobogganing.
  5. Watch Christmas movies
  6. Make Christmas cookies.
  7. Take a family picture with everyone wearing Christmas Pajamas.

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