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pain free Seperation in Alberta.



Stop fighting

A criminal record makes it harder to find work. Plus, often a record means those with a record will be paid less! What percentage of employers pre-screen for criminal records?

Focus on solutions, not problems

The Harper government made significant changes to the program. What does that mean for Pardons? Who’s now banned from applying? What are the increased waiting times? Is it going to get better or worse?

Keep legal fees to a minimum

The Parole Board has been given discretionary powers. Does this mean they can deny any application if they simply feel it would be offensive to grant it?

How can chances of success be improved?

Is a Record Suspension guaranteed once the eligibility requirements are met? Is it possible to prevent an application from being delayed or denied?

What benefits are there?

Those with past offenses have already experienced what having a criminal record has done to their lives and are ready to put the past in the past. This guides shows how a Record Suspension can help them, and their families.

What are the limitations?

Although a Record Suspension will seal a record, there are still some limitations to be aware of. Will a criminal record search always reveal “no record” or are there exceptions? What about travel?