How to Get a Fast Criminal Record Background Check
Using the 48 Hour Name Check Method

What is a 48 hour name check?

  • Name Checks are criminal record background checks in Canada which are based upon a search of an individual’s name and date of birth only.

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Benefits of a 48 hour name check

  • This type of search is quick and effective (only 48 hours) and is an alternative to fingerprint based screening.
  • It is up to the employer to determine the possible risk that you may not really be certain of an individual’s identity.
  • You can not be sure that the individual has provided all legal names they have ever gone by or been convicted of.
  • Their particulars may also have been entered into the criminal record database incorrectly.

History of 48 hour name checks in Canada

  • Name checks were common practice for years as a quick way of screening an individual to determine if they have a criminal record.
  • As electronic fingerprint screening is most reliable (it is based upon fingerprints, name and date of birth) and often is completed in 2 weeks, more employers are electing to go with electronic fingerprint based screening.

What will the 48 hour name check search reveal?

  • The 48 hour name search will not disclose the details of a criminal record.
  • It will disclose (a) no criminal record associated with the applicant’s name and date of birth; or (b) a criminal record may be associated with with the applicant’s name and date of birth and must be verified by fingerprints.

When are fingerprints required?

  • If your name and date of birth appears to be associated with a criminal record you will be required to then pay for digital fingerprinting.
  • The purpose of the fingerprints is to (a) verify the criminal record is not associated with your fingerprints (meaning, you do NOT have a criminal record); or (b) verify you do have a criminal record and the proper person to receive the criminal record.

When is a 48 hour name search not appropriate?

  • If you HAVE a criminal record, then a 48 hour name search is not appropriate.
  • A 48 hour name search is not appropriate for pardons, record suspensions, waivers, immigration, citizenship, name changes, licensing, and employment or volunteering with the vulnerable sector.
  • Click here for information on ink and digital fingerprinting.
  • Click here for the link to the Calgary Police Website to find more information on vulnerable sector searches in Calgary