Is an Alberta Divorce Recognized in the Philippines?

November 13, 2013|Separation & Divorce, Uncategorized|

Alberta Divorce  vs Philippines AnnulmentYou may get a divorce in Alberta if you were married in the Philippines provided you or your spouse have been ordinarily resident in the Province of Alberta for at least 12 months prior to filing a Statement of Claim for Divorce.  However, your divorce may not be recognized in the Philippines if one of the spouses is not a Canadian Citizen when the divorce in Alberta has been obtained.  This may not be a concern for the spouse residing in Canada if:They never intend to re-marry in the Philippines;They are not concerned whether the divorce[...]

Uncontested Divorces in Alberta

January 23, 2013|Separation & Divorce, Uncategorized|

How to Qualify for an Uncontested Divorce in Alberta You can file for an uncontested divorce in Alberta if: you or your spouse have resided in Alberta for the past 12 or more months; you and your spouse agree to all matters concerning property, assets and debts; if spousal support is an issue, you and your spouse are in agreement with spousal support; and if there are dependent children, you and your spouse are in agreement with custody, access and child support. Is your spouse unwilling to accept personal service?  This does not make the divorce 'contested'.  It just means[...]

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