Top 7 Reasons You May be Denied Entry to the United States

November 22, 2016|United States Waiver|

Top 7 Reasons You May be Denied Entry to the United States Grounds for Inadmissibility The ability to travel to the United States is not an automatic right—not even for Canadians!  You may be denied entry to the United States for one of the following reasons: Criminal Inadmissibility – You have a criminal record that makes you inadmissible to the United States. Convictions such as common assault, mischief, and DUI are normally not of concern. However, Crimes of Moral Turpitude (crimes of dishonesty and crimes of violence where harm was intended) and Drug Offences will almost always make you inadmissible. [...]

Will I Be Denied Entry to USA if I Admit Drug Use?

November 22, 2016|Uncategorized, United States Waiver|

Should I Admit Drug Use? Admit Drug Use - Permanent Ban Is it better to admit drug use to the United States Border Patrol? If you admit to drug use at a USA port of entry, you may be denied entry. Why?  The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) treat the admission of drug use the same as a conviction. Drug convictions over the age of 18 and indictable drug convictions between the age of 16 and 18 render you inadmissible to the United States on a permanent basis.   ***There are exceptions, see below. *** You can[...]

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