Waiver and Record Suspension – Client Feedback

Trust them 100%

i finally got my pardon and waiever the were very helpful. I soon as i got my pardon i got a second job everything was clear now i can start a new life with no restrictions. i went to other companies and they simple stole my money but this place has a office and telephone you can call them anything and walk in anytime. you guys r awesome love u guys i recommed them 100 percent they know what they are doing. thanks agian gabriel

canadian legal resource centre

Highly recommended, Special Joy

Thanks so much for the wonderful and professional service. Your team is highly competent and courteous to all our staff. It was a great joy and we will highly recommend your services to our industry partners.

Thank you Brian

Dealt with this company to enable my border crossing which was challenging to say the least and i was pleasantly surprised at the results that were yielded. If anyone has border issue concerns you need not go anywhere else other than here. They will work to the best of their capacity to yield necessary results for you on their end.

Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc.

Attention to Detail and Knowledge

I have used Canadian Legal for my last two waivers and their attention to detail and knowledge of the process has been very good. I have had no issues getting my waivers and there is never any missed data or details to correct. Will continue to use.  (Mumby)

Rodney Mumby

Friendly and Non-Judgmental!

The staff were all very nice and helped me feel less embarrassed about my criminal record. It was an easy and painless procedure. I'm so happy to have my record suspended! Thank you!  (Lowry)

Phoebe Lowry

No need to go any where else

Back in Feb of this year I inquired of the staff at Canadian Legal Resource Center to see what my chances would be to cross the border and to enter into the USA. My anticipation was that the answer would be next to nil because of my case being federal, very involved, and had serious circumstances connected to it. Ella encouraged me though to apply and I thought that in the end I would have wasted my time and money along the way. The process got started and I submitted the paperwork prepared by Ella at the end of Feb. I then took the prepared forms and gave them to the US customs border staff at the Calgary airport and was told to expect an answer in 6 months. Fast forward 5 1/2 months later to the beginning of Aug. I did receive an official letter from US Customs. Opening it while at the same time somewhat holding my breath it declared that my accessibility into the USA was granted at all ports of entry....this was a good and bright moment and day for me! My "hats off" and appreciation to Ella and the staff at Canadian Legal Resource Center for working their magic and delivering excellent results. These people are for sure friendly, courteous, easy to work with, and are professionals at what they set out to do and deliver. No need to go any where else folks for your border crossing needs just go see them at the Canadian Legal Resource Center sit back, and expect results!! (James)


Easy to work with

Susan was very easy to work with my Divorce. I had all the paperwork ready and it was quickly completed the day I stepped into the office. The cost was lower than having to go to a lawyer and the same results happened. Thank you for the support. (Heather MacKay)

Other Companies do not care or take the time...

Thank you Debbie and team for taking the time and putting all the work into getting my 5 year wavier approved, I could not have done this without your help. Your firm by far is better than the rest, I know from experience other companies do not care or take the time to help their clients to the finish line.
Great Job, Thanks!!
Best Regards,
Chris O.

Extremely helpful and fast

I found Canadian Legal after a job in the UK required me to get a criminal records check from Canada. I needed prints converted into a digital format so that RCMP would accept them.

The team at Canadian Legal were extremely efficient, quickly responding to my emails and providing me with clear details on how the processed worked. There was a time constraint on when the prints needed to be done, and Canadian Legal kept me in the loop and quickly Fedex'd the package back to the UK for me.

I'd highly recommend them if you want a professional, friendly and fast service.

The U.S. Office was impressed...

"Deb - Jacqueline was working on our U.S. Waiver and requested a copy of the receipt once we got it. It’s attached. Thanks to you all for doing such a great job! The lady at the U.S. office was impressed and very pleasant with my husband, but not with many others. LOL.

She also stated that it was people like my husband who shouldn’t have to do the U.S. waiver thing. Maybe that’s a good sign?

Please pass my thanks and appreciation onto Jacqueline and will forward the ‘waiver’ once we receive it. (She said we would hear within 4 – 6 months.)


Touchy, difficult situation

You made a touchy, difficult situation, a business-as-usual exercise.

I was put at ease very quickly

Yes - I came in very nervous to file an uncontested divorce. I didn't know what to expect. I was put at ease very quickly. Over all the process was quick and painless. I highly recommend.

Wonderful and helpful people

Very wonderful and helpful people working there. They know there business and once you get all the information they need from you the process you very swiftly. I recommend them 100% and have used them twice now and will again in the future.

Fast and easy

We used you in 2009 a few years ago. It was fast and easy that is about all I remember. (S.T.)

Thorough, friendly and cost effective

Very thorough, friendly and cost effective.


They made me feel comfortable and they were very patient with the process.

Easy and painless

This was a very easy and painless process. The ladies were supportive and delicate about the issues at hand. There were no hidden fees and all costs and the process were explained. I have recommended them many times.

Prompt and professional

The service was executed promptly and professionally. Would refer them to friends and hire them in future. (Sarah)

Never judged me for my past

The service and friendly attitude really made me feel relaxed and you never judged me for my past. Any one that has had the misfortune of a mistake in your past should at least give then a call, you won't be disappointed.

Very satisfied

The service we received was timely, efficient and extremely thorough!! It made us think through matters that we had not originally thought of. We were very satisfied with the thoroughness of our separation agreement.  (Jeff A.)

Thank you for many years of service

Thank you Debbie without your help I would not be traveling and doing business in the U.S .as the standards go up to qualify so has your service. Thank you for the many years of service.

You are the best

Thanks, you are the best!!! (H. Stoyanov)

I got the results I wanted

Service has been discreet, very thorough, and there have been no requests from any authorities for additional or incorrect information. I was fully informed about what to expect and what the processes would require. I got the results I wanted.

Prompt and Easy

Service was prompt, questions were always answered no matter how stupid they seemed. Everything was so easy, just let them know what you wanted and it was done. (Jensen)

Without Judgment

Provides a service that is economical, safe, fast and without judgment from staff. (B.F.)

Very positive, efficient and caring

My experience with your company during a very stressful and emotional time of a divorce was very positive. The assistance provided by your staff was efficient and caring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your business and service to any one in a similar situation. (Gary Gendron)

Beyond exceptional

My ex husband and I needed to file for Legal separation approximately six/seven years ago. The service we received from Canadian Legal Resource was beyond Exceptional......they were professional and personable and I would refer them in an instant as the only way to go in an uncontested situation. Keep up the outstanding work....you really made a difficult time so much more comfortable. (Hannah MacDonald)

Very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Thank you for all your help in preparing the separation agreement. You have been very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. (C. and J.)

Smooth, Invaluable and Time-Saving

I received the divorce judgement from the Court Clerk this week. I want to say how smooth you helped make this process. It works! Your experience and assistance were invaluable and time-saving. (W.S.)

A big thank you

What I've appreciated about Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc., and you in particular Sue, are as follows:

  • patience in answering my questions
  • very prompt response to an inquiry
  • your friendly manner both on the phone and in emails
  • knowledgability
  • extra efforts to minimize the cost of a service in B.C.
  • kindness and understanding of the emotions involved in the process
  • amazing low cost which was less than half of other quotes I received

For all these reasons, I just want to say a big "Thank You" to Canadian Legal Resource, and in particular Sue, for a job well done. I would recommend your firm to anyone. Please feel free to use any of my comments in any advertising in the future.

Roger Calvert

Inexpensive wonderful experience

If you are considering a pardon, waiver, divorce or any of the above just call Debbie close your eyes and you will think you had been dreaming take it from someone who has used Debbie 3 times and I am on my way back from Saudi Arabia to secure her services for a fourth what I know will be another inexpensive wonderful experience 🙂 I thank you and your amazing staff for everything Deb your friend always Ali 'The Beast From The Middle East' (Ali Farhat)

Highly recommended, Excellent Service

I would highly recommend Canadian Legal Resource Inc. The service was excellent - fast and efficient. I liked the fact that they are open on Saturdays. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The cost of my uncontested divorce was very reasonable. (N.V).

Help from separation to divorce

I was helped by your office from my legal separation through divorce. Including all land title transfers and any questions I had regarding the procedures and time lines. You were even able to assist me in retaining services with immigration for my new wife. (Squires)

Always had the time

I want to thank Debbie for all her work on getting me a waiver. She always had the time to answer any questions and assist me on dealing with my waiver. (S. Bianco)

Reinstated Permanent Waiver

I spent two years going back and forth with US Border and Immigration officials trying to have my permanent waiver of excludability reinstated (at times they didn't know their own rules). I finally contacted Debbie at Canadian Legal, it took another year and some fairly aggressive communication, but the people at Canadian Legal got it done! Even today when I am travelling to the US some of the border officers remark ' I didn't know there was such a thing as a permanent waiver'. Without Debbie and Canadian Legal, I would still be re-applying every five years at considerable expense and time to myself. (Greg V.)

Accessible and Prompt

I loved your accessibility and prompt action in returning calls, booking appointments for 1:1 and your depth of knowledge on the subject matter. You were spot on! Thank you.

Everything went without a hitch

I recall taking my application to US customs and overhearing the commissioner talking to the person ahead of me telling him his application was not filled out correctly. I don't recall who he said helped him with his application, it was a firm similar to yours and he paid more money than I did. This individual left very unhappy. After reviewing my application the commissioner knowing I had overheard his conversation with the previous applicant said to me now thats the way this should be filled out. I was pretty worried, but everything went without a hitch thanks to your very competent staff at Canadian Legal Resource Center Inc. Thank You.

Highly Recommended!!

I highly recommend this as a more affordable way to deal with divorce. (Harpdog Brown)

Outstanding Service

I have used your company twice now and both times I have had outstanding service . Thanks for your help keep up the good work.  Kevin

Completely Pleased with the Results

I have used Canadian Legal Resources Centre Inc for two significant services and have been completely pleased with the results. They perform exactly the services that they say they provide, with flexible appointment times, friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable staff, and without any problems or issues at all. (S. Kozie)

Highly Knowledgeable

I found the staff to be highly knowledgeable, professional and experienced in matters involving USA waivers. This proved to be especially true when I took my documentation to the American Border authorities, who commented on the excellent preparation and attention to detail.

Extremely Helpful

I found your guidance and knowledge extremely helpful and professional in getting my divorce papers prepared and completed. If was a very affordable way to do a very unfortunate task. I have and will continue to recommend your services. (Barb Martin)

Very Responsive and Professional

I found the personnel very responsive and professional.

Always helpful & easy to talk to

I found Debbie very good and always helpful. She was easy to talk to and get in to see.

Precise & Informative

I found the information to be precise and informative . My questions were answered and I was guided through my uncontested divorce procedure without any issues . With just a few phone calls and e-mails my case was resolved in a very short time.

Good, Professional & Fair Price

Good, professional service at a fair price. You'll get what you need and save yourself a lot of headaches. (RD)

Very Friendly & Effective

Debbie and her team, worked to get my waiver for the US. They were very friendly, and very effective in getting my waiver. I've been a client since 1999. (S. MacLeod)

Helpful and Professional

I contacted your office to help me with an uncontested divorce. Everyone was very helpful and professional. The process went very smoothly and quickly.

Very Helpful & Followed Through

Canadian legal were very helpful in enabling me to acquire my US travel waiver. They responded to all my calls, handled all the necessary paper work and followed up throughout the process.

Made things simple

Canadian legal resources centre was a very comfortable and helpful place in a very uncomfortable stressful time in my life. They made things simple, didn't try to change what I asked and are a lot more affordable than most options.

Excellent, Efficient, Inexpensive

Canadian Legal Resource Centre provided us excellent and efficient service that was inexpensive and fair to both parties.

Awesome Customer Service

Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc is a very good paralegal company. They processed my divorce smoothly and also I'm became knowledgeable about my case. They had awesome customer services. Very approachable, friendly and guide you perfectly. Keep it up guys! Thank you for all your help and everything! I wish you more success to your company. (M.V.)

Highly Recommended

Any of their service areas, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Fair, to the point and saved us thousands!

Absolutely, Debbie was great in every way, fair and to the point. Debbie saved us thousands of dollars in Legal fees, thanks for your professionalism and expertise in helping us through our agreement Debbie!

Amazing Ease

3 1/2 years after, I am still often pondering the amazing ease with you navigated us through the treacherous waters of the divorce settlement. There were no embarrassing or regrettable memories left behind to be dealt with from this event, thanks to your professionalism/high level negotiating skills. (A.D.)

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