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Vulnerable sector checks in Calgary

Published On: September 5, 2019
Vulnerable Sector Search
Elderly, Children, Disabled, and People seeking medical care are Vulnerable People. Vulnerable Sector checks are a method of screening potential employees or volunteers for both criminals AND pardoned sex offence convictions. This background check goes through both local and Federal files, as well as the sex offenders database. This is a common screening for anyone working with vulnerable people.

Who are vulnerable people?

Vulnerable members are persons who, permanently or temporarily, are in a position of dependence on others. This can be due to age, disabilities or any other circumstances in which they are at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by someone in a position of authority.

Why is it necessary to have a vulnerable sector check?

For most volunteering (and some employment) you may be in a position of trust to persons who are highly vulnerable. This requires the company to do a thorough background check on the individual in question to ensure the safety of vulnerable persons.

Although this is not a guarantee the person of trust will not abuse their power, it is believed to lower the risk considerably.

Who decides a vulnerable check is necessary?

The responsibility is on the organization or person responsible for the vulnerable persons to request this type of check. Organizations requesting this check are required to provide details about the position so the Calgary Police Service can determine if it requires a vulnerable check. Some important information usually expected is:

  • The role the applicant will have with vulnerable persons
  • If the applicant will have unsupervised access to vulnerable persons
  • Frequency and length of time applicant will spend with vulnerable persons

The organization or person in question will often provide documentation to bring with you for your vulnerability check (consent forms, verification letters…). 

Where to go for a vulnerable Check?

You can not go to a private fingerprint agency for a Vulnerable Sector Search in Calgary.  You must go to the Calgary Police Service Office in the NE.

Calgary Police Service only has one location for vulnerable checks

Westwinds Campus – 5111 47 Street NE, Calgary, AB T3J 3R2

PH: 403-428-2200

Hours of Operation: Tues – Thurs 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM
You must call in advance to schedule an appointment. Walk-in are not accepted.

If volunteer letter is provided by the organization there is no fee attached for this service. If this is for employment OR unpaid practicum/internship there is a $25 fee.

What to bring:

You are expected to bring 2 pieces of valid government-issued ID. At least one of the IDs must have a photo.

  • Photo ID examples include: Provincial Driver’s License, Identification Card, Passport, Permanent Residency Card, Firearms license, etc.
  • Non-photo ID examples include: Provincial Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.

What happens next:

Once the search is complete one of the following two things can happen

  1. CPS could not find any criminal and/or sexual offences linked to your person. They will provide you with a certificate confirming the results. The certificate must be given to the person or agency requesting it and this is your responsibility to do so.
  • CPS got a “hit” based on the information provided by you, which results in an inconclusive search. If this is the case CPS will contact you for further verification, which requires you to provide fingerprints. They’ll work with the RCMP CCRTIS (Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Service) department to make sure, based on fingerprints, if there are any actual records of you. If this is asked of you, CPS will give you 45 days to comply.

If your fingerprints have NO MATCHES from CCRTIS, RCMP will provide CPS with the certificate required for volunteer/employment.

If your fingerprints have a MATCH in the CCRTIS system, RCMP will make a request to the Minister of Public Safety to disclose relevant records. Once this process is complete CPS will be provided with a copy of the individual’s record.

The average wait time for an individual with no record is approximately 7-10 business days and upwards of 120 days if there is a record.

Once the search is complete your fingerprints are retained for upwards of 90 days and then destroyed by the CCRTIS. Your fingerprints are not added to any repository afterward.

Sidenote: If the initial search results in a “hit”, it in no way implies you have a record, only that the CPS need more information for a more conclusive search.

Can I come see your company if I’ve been requested to provide fingerprints?

Unfortunately, you must go to CPS to provide fingerprinting for vulnerability checks.   This still requires you to call in advance and make an appointment with the CPS.

My Volunteer/Employment offer does not require vulnerable check, only RCMP  background check

If your employment/volunteer offer does not require you to do a vulnerable check but a standard RCMP background check come and see us if you live in or near Calgary.  To book an appointment in Calgary, click here:

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