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Simple Steps to getting a legal separation

Simple Steps to Getting a Legal Separation Agreement in Alberta

Have you separated from your spouse or are thinking about separating from your spouse? This Workbook
will help you to:

  • Collect all documentation regarding property, assets and debts;
  • Organize all of your financial information;
  • Obtain a clear picture as to whether the proposed division is fair; and 
  • Present your information to lawyer or legal service provider for quick and easy review—saving you
    time and money.

The Ultimate Record Suspension Success Strategies Guide

Does a Record Suspension really cost too much? (Or, does inaction cost you more?)

Studies show that without a Record Suspension, it will take you longer to get a job and when you do get a job you’ll earn up to 40% less…

Download now to learn more!

Must I Disclose my Suspended Criminal Record?

Waiver of Inadmissibility FAQ

Do you have a criminal record? You may be required to complete one of the following for legal entry into the United States: 

  • apply for and be granted a United States Waiver of Inadmissibility; 
  • correct the conditions that rendered you inadmissible, such as your health; or
  •  provide evidence that you are not inadmissible (Laws are complex and are not always interpreted the same. Individuals are often refused in error or because they do not have proof of their admissibility). 

A United States Waiver of Inadmissibility is an application, that once approved, allows you legal entry into the United States if you are inadmissible.