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Effective January 1, 2018 Fee Schedule

Record Suspension / Canadian Pardon:

$495 (our fee) + disbursements * + GST

  • full-time students and seniors (age 65+) receive a discount of $50

*Usual Disbursements (vary case by case depending on your individual circumstances)

  • Fingerprinting=no extra charge if fingerprinted in our office (3rd party fingerprinting fees ~ $50).
  • RCMP Criminal Record=$25
  • Local Police Checks=$0 to $113 each (conducted in each town/city you have lived within past 5 years)
  • Court Documents=free in all Provinces except for Alberta (Alberta = $10 per court date + $10 per conviction)
  • Parole Board of Canada Application Fee=$631 (increased from $50 to $150 Dec 2010 and from $150 to $631 February 2012)

**Save $100 if you apply for Record Suspension and United States Waiver at the same time.**


  1. High-risk applicants may be assessed an additional fee of $250+GST if the Parole Board proposes to deny your file, which typically happens in the following cases (a) your record is very serious and/or long; or (b) if you have had subsequent charges since last convicted–even if no conviction resulted.  In these types of cases, the Parole Board may make additional requests (proving rehabilitation) which will result in much more work on your file.
  2. If your Record Suspension is subsequently denied and provided no further charges/convictions result following the denial, then the cost to re-apply is $195+disbursements.

United States Waiver:

First Time Applicant:  $795 (our fee) + disbursements* + GST

  • our existing clients receive a discount when they renew through us
  • waiver renewal fee:  $495 (our fee) + disbursements* + GST
  • waiver renewal fee:  if you were only granted a 1-year waiver, save an additional $100 if you re-apply prior to the expiry of your previous waiver
  • Save $100 if you also apply for a Record Suspension at the same time.**

*Usual Disbursements (vary case by case depending on your individual circumstances)

  • U.S. Homeland Security Application Fee=$585 U.S. for Canadians
  • Fingerprinting=$12.50 per set if fingerprinted in our office covers our transmission fees (3rd party fingerprinting fees ~ $50 per set).
  • RCMP Criminal Record=$25
  • Court Documents=free in most other Provinces except for Alberta (Alberta = $10 per court date + $10 per conviction)
  • Drug Testing=if applicable, $50 to $150 (we help you find the lowest rates as prices vary significantly)
  • Non-Residents of Canada=additional charge of $100.00 may apply.
  • High-Risk applicants=may be assessed an additional fee of $200 to $800 (ie. drug trafficking, sex offence, lengthy record)
  • The Department of Homeland Security=may ask individuals with sex offences and some drug offenders to undergo psychological testing. Their approved medical testing facility charges $3,000.00 to $5,000, plus airfare (if you do not live near a testing facility). Your application would be automatically denied should you decide not to comply with a DHS request made in reference to said application.

Other Services

  • Purges Services: $395+ disbursements (RCMP + local police)
  • USA Inadmissibility Review:  $395+ disbursements (reduced to $195 if you are applying for a Record Suspension)
  • Partial Record Suspension:  $325 + disbursements