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Throw Extra Money into Jails?

Published On: December 25, 2013

Should we Throw Extra Money into Jails?

The Harper government has increased the pardon fee from $150 to $631 and intends to use this extra money for jails. But, why throw the extra money into jails? If treatment programs were more effective, fewer people would be going back to jail. If you are going to take more money from people who have rehabilitated (ie. pardon application fees), I’d suggest the extra revenues be put towards treatment programs not further punishment.

I like this upcoming video. You may have heard the expression before “if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the results your’ve always got”. I hope that the Harper government does something different with the jail system that they’ve not done before–and I hope the focus is on rehabilitation.


Mother Theresa turned down an opportunity to march against war. She said she’d instead rather march for peace. Focus on the solution not the problem. The U.S. decided to pledge a war on drugs and what happened? Their problems got worse.

The law of manifestation states that what we focus on expands.

I believe the goal currently is to impose heavier penalties for the sake of punishment, not with rehabilitation as the primary goal.

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