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September 5, 2017|Excluded|

FREE STUFF Not sure where to start?  Download your free guide below. If you have any questions, please call for your free consultation.   Includes: Checklists of Things You Need to Gather. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Links to Free Resources Including the Online Parenting After Separation Seminar, Child Support Calculation, Spousal Support Calculations and More.   Learn About: The Parole Board's Discretionary Power to Deny Your Application. Money & Time Saving Strategies. "Good News" for people convicted prior to March 13, 2012.   Hot Topics Including: Types of Convictions that will Get You Banned From the USA and What[...]

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August 25, 2017|Excluded|

Subscription Opt Out and Update Confirmation Your subscription changes have been saved. $5 Fingerprinting Coupon Selected Downloads   Download 'Travel Authorization for Children'   Download 'How to Obtain a Legal Separation & Divorce the Affordable and Friendly Way'   View More Information on 'Save the Marriage'   Download Record Suspension Success Strategies (Money & Time Saving Tips plus learn about the Parole Board’s discretionary power to deny your application).

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July 27, 2017|Excluded|

Thank you. We have received your request to be notified for updates on Canadian Marijuana Laws.  As we receive new information we will pass it along to you in a periodical newsletter.   In the meantime we recommend downloading: US Waiver Frequently Asked Questions Guide Trying to cross the border with a criminal record without knowledge of your admissibility can be risky. Make sure you are not caught unaware and learn what you need to do to enter the United States legally. Just a few of the topics covered: What is the worst that can happen to me if I[...]

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