Vulnerable sector checks in Calgary

September 5, 2019|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

Elderly, Children, Disabled, and People seeking medical care are Vulnerable People. Vulnerable Sector checks are a method of screening potential employees or volunteers for both criminals AND pardoned sex offence convictions. This background check goes through both local and Federal files, as well as the sex offenders database. This is a common screening for anyone working with vulnerable people. Who are vulnerable people? Vulnerable members are persons who, permanently or temporarily, are in a position of dependence on others. This can be due to age, disabilities or any other circumstances in which they are at a greater risk than[...]

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How to check the status of digital fingerprinting with RCMP?

September 4, 2019|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

PROCESSING TIMES How long will it take for the RCMP to process your fingerprints and mail the results of the background check to your designated address?  The results are received by ordinary mail at your designated address usually: in 2 to 3 weeks since being fingerprinted AND you do NOT have a criminal record, OR in 6 to 8 weeks since being fingerprinted AND you DO have a criminal record. Processing times can fluctuate.  We have no control over processing times once your fingerprints have been submitted to the RCMP.  If you have a criminal record and would like to[...]

Fingerprinting and Background Check: Questions and Answers

September 4, 2019|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

Question:  Can you check the status of my fingerprints for me after you’ve submitted them? Answer:  This is a two-part answer:  (1)  The RCMP will only allow us to check the status of your request if you have authorized the RCMP to submit the results of your criminal record check to us (in this case we’d be happy to check the status of your request once it is overdue).  (2) Due to privacy issues, if you are having the results go to you or a Third Party other than us, you will have to contact the RCMP directly to check[...]

Can I fast-track my criminal record background check in Canada?

September 4, 2019|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

For the fastest processing time that is available, follow the instructions below: Electronic (Digital) Fingerprinting Technology The RCMP will only accept electronic fingerprints for processing.You must attend either your local police or accredited and certified RCMP Fingerprint agency to have your fingerprints taken electronically.Your electronic fingerprints are then submitted ‘instantly’ to the RCMP through secure internet technology.No fingerprint agency or police department can promise faster processing than another fingerprint agency. All fingerprinting agencies and police departments use the same technology that allows us to take and submit fingerprints to the RCMP instantly.The RCMP handles all requests received on a first-come-first-serve[...]

How to get a Public Document Apostilled

December 21, 2018|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

There is a good chance you have been asked to get a public document apostilled or authenticated in one of the following situations: You have business dealings in another country; or Are immigrating to or seeking a temporary visa in another country. An apostille is the certification of a public document to verify it is authentic. It can be difficult to obtain while in Canada for these three reasons: Canada, along with approximately 40% of all countries, is not officially part of the Apostille Convention that was created in 1961; Every participating country has their own process on who and[...]

What is a Vulnerable Sector Search?

October 14, 2016|Fingerprinting & Background Checks|

Where Can I Get a Vulnerable Sector Search in Calgary, Alberta? Fingerprinting service has been privatized in Calgary.  That means for MOST cases, you must go to a private fingerprinting agency (like ours) for most of your fingerprint services.  However, you must go to the Calgary Police Service to get a vulnerable sector search. Do not go to a private fingerprinting agency for a Vulnerable Sector Search. For more information about the Calgary Police Vulnerable Sector Search click here: Calgary Police Website. You may also download and print the Calgary Police Service instructions here: Vulnerable Sector Search Handout. What is a Vulnerable Sector[...]

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