Preparing Alberta Family Law Divorce Forms

October 2, 2018|Uncontested Divorce|

Statement of Claim for Divorce Form FL-01 for Alberta Are you looking for divorce forms for Alberta?  Or, perhaps you are looking for someone to help prepare your divorce forms—someone that is much cheaper than a lawyer?  You’ve come to the right place! This blog is for you if you are in Alberta and thinking about: filling in your own divorce forms and trying to figure out how to get a divorce on your own; buying an Alberta Divorce Kit; using an online divorce service that guides you in handling your own divorce; or hiring a paralegal that[...]

Free Divorce & Separation Agreement Resources

October 25, 2017|Free Resources, Separation & Divorce, Uncontested Divorce|

Free Separation & Divorce Resources Simple Steps to Getting a Legal Separation Agreement in Alberta Learn simple steps to getting a Legal Separation Agreement the friendly and affordable way.  Go to the right of this blog and opt-in for your free guide now.  This free guide includes: tips and strategies for keeping it friendly; answers to commonly asked questions; and links of free resources (some of the free resources are also listed below...check the free guide for more!). If you and your spouse are willing to cooperate, these strategies will help you both minimize the back and forth between lawyers[...]

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Child Support and Services

December 15, 2016|Separation & Divorce, Uncontested Divorce|

Free Child Support Calculator and Services Federal Child Support Guidelines The federal child support guidelines calculator is a free service offered by the Canadian Justice department to give people a rough idea of what their child support payments should be.  It should not be taken as a legal document since there are a multitude of factors that can change how much a person is obligated to pay, such as provincial or territorial guidelines, as well as split custody arrangements. The calculator is for general information only.  Click the following Image to visit the justice website to use the calculator: Re-Calculation Program[...]


January 23, 2013|Uncategorized, Uncontested Divorce|

Divorce Lawyer Fees: Contested vs Uncontested The website surveyed 179 lawyers and found the following statistics about their rates: The divorce fees charged by a lawyer for an uncontested case vary from a low of $801 to a high of $1,608 with an average of $1,043 per case. The divorce fees charged by a lawyer for a contested case vary from a low of $$5,743 to a high of $33,881 with an average of $9,989 per case. Keep in mind, disbursements are extra. Typically, there is the court filing fee, a cost to order a marriage certificate and process serving. Most lawyers also[...]

Child Support Calculations in Canada

January 23, 2013|Uncategorized, Uncontested Divorce|

Federal Child Support Guideline Calculations Child support is calculated according to the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Since these guidelines are clear (for the most part) and established by law, parties are less likely to fight over the amount of child support when these guidelines are followed. Long gone are the days when child support was a subjective matter and different amounts could be ordered in similar situations, often leading parties to feel that they were treated unfairly. Under the new Guidelines, everyone is treated the same way. Challenges can arise, however, when determining income for self-employed persons, when income is[...]

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