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Child Travel Authorization Form Canada

Published On: February 17, 2013

Child Travel Authorization Form Canada

Permission to Travel with Children

  • Your children and babies need their own passports.
  • Extra documents may be required such as birth certificate which shows who the child’s legal parents are. If one parent is deceased; you may need to bring a death certificate.
  • If you are travelling without the other parent, you may need a legal document showing you have sole custody of your child, a Court Order that grants you permission to travel with the child or a Parental Consent Letter (see Sample Travel Authorization below).
  • Click here for SAMPLE Travel Authorization for Children Travelling Abroad with Third Party. This is a sample only. It does not guarantee travel–you may need to seek legal advice in this regard. You need to have it signed in front of a lawyer who can notarize it and offer legal advice, if required. You may need to modify this sample to suit your specific needs.
  • Unable to get the consent of the other parent to travel? Contact our office for your free consultation.
  • For Notary Services or Information on Obtaining a Court Order (Calgary Residents only) granting you permission to travel with your children without the consent of the non-travelling parent, contact: 403-229-2774.


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