Information for Kids About Separation and Divorce

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What Happens Next?This free booklet was prepared for your child, ages 9 to 12, by the Department of Justice of Canada. It is intended help them deal with separation and divorce. To access your free book, click on the link below, or select here: my free book.Information for Kids About Separation & DivorceIf you have favorite books that have help you and your children deal with separation and divorce, please feel free to comment below.Thank you.

Alberta Family Court

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  Provincial Court (Family and Youth Division) – In the event you do not wish a Divorce at this time or you would like an immediate Order dealing with custody, access and child support, you may contact your local Provincial Court (Family Division). They provide free forms and assistant. You may wish to hire a lawyer in the event matters are or may become disputed and you do not want to jeopardize your claim. This Court, or a lawyer, can also inform of circumstances in which you may wish to proceed with a claim through the Court of Queen’s Bench[...]

Grounds for Divorce in Alberta

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You can file for a Divorce if you can establish before the Courts there has been a marriage breakdown. The following paragraphs are found in the Divorce Act (Canada): “8.(1) A Court of competent jurisdiction may, on application by either or both spouses, grant a Divorce to the spouse or spouses on the ground that there has been a breakdown of their marriage. Breakdown of marriage (2) Breakdown of a marriage is established only if (a) the spouses have lived separate and apart for at least one year immediately preceding the determination of the Divorce proceeding and were living separate[...]

Alberta Divorce Processing Times

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  Processing times and procedures fluctuate depending on the level of cooperation from the spouses, how and where the Defendant was served, what city the divorce application was filed in and grounds for Divorce. Average processing time is normally 4 to 6 months (if the Defendant is served personally in Alberta), 5 to 7 months (if the Defendant is served personally elsewhere) or 6 to 8 months (if the Defendant is served substitutionally or outside Canada). To illustrate (parties have been separate over one year): Three to Four Weeks: File the Statement of Claim for Divorce, Serve Defendant in Alberta,[...]

Parenting After Separation Seminar Registration

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The parenting seminar is designed to minimize the impact of separation on children and to educate the parents of their roles and responsibilities. Regular and high conflict seminars are provided. In some cases, they allow both parents to attend the same seminar. To register for this FREE one-day (or two half-day) seminar, call: Bonnyville (780) 645-6324 Brooks (403) 504-8026 Calgary (403) 440-3833 Camrose (780) 679-1240 Canmore (403) 609-3743 Drayton Valley (780) 514-2204 Edmonton (780) 413-9805 Edson (780) 865-8280 Fort McMurray (780) 743-7136 Grande Prairie (780) 538-5340 Hinton (780) 865-8280 Jasper (780) 852-2117 Lethbridge (403) 320-4232 Lloydminster (780) 853-8130 Medicine Hat[...]

Strategies for a Friendly and Affordable Separation and Divorce

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Strategies for a Friendly and Affordable Separation and/or Divorce RECOMMENDATIONS Learn about the law. Collect and summarize relevant information using my FREE WORKBOOK. Identify Agreements and disagreements BUT do NOT dwell on disagreements…just identify them! It’s amazing how many of these disagreements simply disappear as individuals work through this collaborative process. Choose your service provider(s). If you live in Alberta, call me (Debbie Ward) at 1-800-320-2477 (or 403-229-2774 in Calgary) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Proceed with your Separation Agreement, Divorce and/or other required service. Consult with a lawyer for legal advice (if applicable). Resolve disagreements. Finalize your Separation Agreement,[...]

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