Traveling with Suspended or Pardoned Criminal Record

November 15, 2016|Record Suspension|

Must I Disclose my Suspended Criminal Record? Must I disclose my Pardon or Record Suspension? When it comes to employment applications, the best policy is to tell the truth. However, do not volunteer information if it is not absolutely required. The following is a general guide in navigating employment applications and interviews: A Canadian Record Suspension seals your criminal record. It does not erase the fact that you had a criminal record. If asked, “Have you ever been arrested, charged, convicted, pardoned, or received a Record Suspension”, then the correct and truthful response is “Yes, I was convicted.[...]

Important Notice for Pardon Applications in the Backlog

July 7, 2016|Record Suspension|

Update on the Pardons Backlog According to the Government of Canada's website As of November 30, 2016, there are no unassigned pardon files remaining in the pardons’ backlog, meaning, all files are at the investigation stage. The Parole Board of Canada remains on target for clearing the backlog of pardon files by March 31, 2017.  Learn About the Parole Board NEW Discretionary Power to Deny Record Suspensions

Is the Canadian Government Scrapping Pardons?

June 21, 2016|Record Suspension, Uncategorized|

Could you imagine if the Canadian Pardon program was cancelled forever? It would be a travesty of justice. You can listen to this episode and download its mp3 from my podcast for free: Erase your CRIMINAL RECORD and its Devastating Effect on your Future. Criminal Record? The Parole Board of Canada is proposing to SCRAP Canadian Pardons and Record Suspensions forever! Is this FACT or FICTION? Read on and see what you must do immediately. An audit of our client files revealed the following shocking information... On average, our clients wait 9.3 years AFTER they are eligible to apply for[...]

Criminal Pleadings & Elections

August 30, 2015|Record Suspension|

Learn How Criminal Pleadings and Elections can Affect Your Record Suspension Eligibility This information is for you if: you are facing criminal charges in Canada; or you are representing someone who is facing criminal charges (ie. lawyer, paralegal for summary offenses, or duty counsel). you want to understand how pleadings (ie. guilty or not guilty), elections (ie. summary or indictable) and sentences (ie. 1 year probation vs 3 months probation) will impact your ability to travel to the United States and Record Suspension eligibility date. How Criminal Pleadings Affect Criminal Record Suspension Eligibility You can apply to have your record[...]

Criminal Offence Penalty Chart

August 30, 2015|Record Suspension, Uncategorized, United States Waiver|

How to Understand the Criminal Offence Penalty ChartThe following criminal offence penalty chart has been published with permission from Ron Jourard, criminal lawyer. Determining whether a particular offence has been prosecuted by summary conviction or indictment requires a review of the actual court documents as the Criminal Code of Canada has been amended several times. Whether an offence is summary, indictable, or hybrid (meaning it can be tried summarily or by indictment), is determined by the law at the time the charge was laid. The Chart below offers a general guideline but may not apply to your particular situation.If you[...]

Can I Travel with a Criminal Record?

August 12, 2015|Record Suspension, United States Waiver|

What you Need to Know Before you Travel with a Criminal Record Visiting Canada with a Criminal Record Eliminate Obstacles Caused by Having a Criminal Record Do you want to visit Canada? You may be inadmissible if you have a criminal record. To gain legal entry into Canada, here are your options: #1. Obtain a Record Suspension if your criminal record is in Canada. Click here to learn more about Record Suspensions (Previously called Pardons) OR, for a Free Consultation on Record Suspensions, click the "Free Consultation" button at the bottom of this page. #2. Apply for Criminal[...]

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