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USA Waiver – Land Border Submission Information – Updated 08/10/2021

The USA is now accepting I-192 Waiver Applications at select Biometrics-Designated land borders. If you wish to hand in your Waiver immediately and have not already done so, we ask that our clients contact our office first before submitting their application.GENERAL INFORMATION:  (subject to change at any time)#1. It appears the USA border is not [...]

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USA Waiver News – COVID Impact

February 10, 2021 WHATS NEW WITH WAIVERS? BACKLOG Applicants have not been able to submit Waivers since March 2020 unless their reason for travel to the USA was essential. When everything returns to business as usual, there will be a flood of waiver applications. GETTING AHEAD OF THE CURVE As a result of our [...]

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US Waiver 2020 Fall Update Newsletter

Travel News - Alert United States I-192 Travel Waivers NEW SUBMISSION PROCEDURES All waiver applications must now be submitted online using the E-Safe Portal. We complete the packages as usual. We then scan the documents to the computer and assist with the online submission. We recommend, where possible, that our client attend our office [...]

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Canada vs United States Crime Statistics

I wrote articles on the rise in the denials of USA Waivers for Canadians and possible USA Waiver fee increase from $585 (USD) to $1415 (USD). It would appear the USA is doing whatever they can to try and keep out Canadians. More specifically, they are trying to keep out ‘undesirables.’ But, are [...]

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A Comparison of Canada’s Waiver Program vs USA Waiver Program

Below is a summary of the differences between Canada’s Waiver Program and the USA’s Waiver program. DescriptionInadmissible to CanadaInadmissible to the USAName of Application to overcome inadmissibilityApplication for Criminal RehabilitationApplication for Waiver of InadmissibilityFees$155 (CAD) for minor criminality$1000 (CAD) for serious criminality$585 (USD) current$1415 (USD) proposed fee increaseDurationIf approved, valid for life provided [...]

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